SSP about to kick-off, as we reach our fundraising goal!

The volunteers are hours away from stepping on a plane for Samoa, and the excitement is building for an amazing experience.

We have been boosted in the last few days with the news that our fundraising goal has been reached! We have tipped over the $10,000 total that we set out to achieve and all contributors, volunteers and fundraisers have a deep sense of relief and satisfaction.

Special thank you must go to Audrey D'Souza, mother of Adrian, one of the project volunteers. Adrian returned from his trip to Australia with donations from friends and relatives which helped us finally reach the goal.

Another debt of gratitude is owed to volunteer Marcus Roberts. Marcus had an unfortunate illness recently which has prevented him from coming on the trip. Thankfully he is recovering well, although he is greatly disappointed that he cannot join us, and so are we. As a sign of his enthusiasm for the project and his generosity, he has donated his flight cost and volunteer fee to the project, which has also helped us achieve the goal. Thanks Marcus - we will endeavour to update this site often enough that you feel right there with us!

Watch this space over the next two to three weeks!