We are seeking NZD$10,000 to cover the expenses of the work materials and tools, and we will donate the balance of anything we don’t spend on the project to the community for future works.

As materials are expensive in Apia, we will bring over as much as we can – brushes, rollers, sandpaper, masking tape, trays, scrubbing brushes, scrapers etc. One aspect of the preliminary work for the trip will be to obtain donations of these items from hardware stores in New Zealand.

All heavy duty items such as paint, cement, piping, toilet and shower facilities, septic tanks and all heavy tools will be purchased in Apia.

We publish donor information on our website, as well as adding their logo to our official t-shirt and official reports.

Donations to EST of $5 and above are tax deductible, as EST is a registered charity.

These are the details of the account:
o    Bank Account Name: Education Sponsorship Trust Workcamps
o    Bank Details: BNZ North End Branch Wellington
o    Account Number: 020536 0325858 004